Elica Circus IX/A/90 Cappa aspirante a parete Acciaio inossidabile 450 m³/h

494,00 €


Circus IX/A/90 - 250-450m3/h, 2x 20W, 90cm, Acciaio inox
900 mm
Cappa aspirante a parete
Potenza massima di estrazione
450 m³/h
Tipo di estrazione
Elica Quality The technical skill of designers and the expertise of the team of technicians who assemble the products, merge into a single element born of passion, attention to detail and innovation, that finds expression in the product installed in homes around the globe. Passion for design and attention to quality, give way to passion for the customer at the time of purchase. All models undergo checks and laboratory tests to ensure: efficient suction, electrical safety, low noise and high reliability. But that’s not all! At the end of the production line, checks are conducted on samples to ascertain functional quality, aesthetic and packaging quality. The focus on the quality of the product continues into distribution, and does not culminate after the delivery into homes around the globe. Elica provides an outstanding level of service and labor should the unexpected happen; through our Warranty Service Provider, Service Power.

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